Recommendations can help you boost your conversion by enabling users discover products they want to buy. This is a proven technique for increasing conversions as well as delighting your end customers. But a common question that we encounter on a daily basis is how to make use of this tool to increase revenue? What recommendations to show and where to make sure that our customers get the best experience. In the following article I am going to cover the widget placement on different pages of your Shopify store.


Homepage is the gateway to your storefront. It sets the theme for the rest of your store. Hence it is important to give a personalized as well as top experience to your end customers. In order to achieve this we recommend placing the following widgets on the homepage.

Trending Products

Trending products make sure that the top products of your website are getting proper screen time. These are the products that have recently started gaining popularity and have the potential to generate more revenue. In case you have a common set of products throughout the year, you can also go with BestSelling Products as well.

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized Recommendations changes products based on a users last viewing history. This is a combination of Similar Products, Customers also bought and cross sell. This is a highly personalized widget created with the aim to get clicks as well as delight the user.

Recently Viewed

Re-marketing is one of the best and rewarding technique. And it is no wonder that it just works in Recommendations as well. This gives a good experience as well as gives user the opportunity to buy the products that they have already seen.

Product Page

When running ads for specific products, a user lands directly on this page. Hence these pages get maximum number of visitors. This page also has the best context for a user to buy a product. Hence this has the highest conversion rate.

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together is the best widget when it comes to up-sell or increasing your Average Order Value(AoV). Using Frequently Bought Together you can sell bundles, upgrade products, etc. This widget does not have products to show all the time because not all shops have products that can be sold as bundles. It is also advised to keep the value of products in this widget to less than 25% of the value of main product.

Similar Products

This is one of the highest converting widgets. When customers are browsing through the store, they want see more choices. They want to know if there is a better product out there which can fulfil their needs better. Which is why this is the most recommended widget for Product Page.

Cross Sell

On stores which have multiple types of products, Cross Sell can help in product discovery. Users can get to see what other types of products are available on the store. This not only engages users but it also makes them want to come back to the store again.

Recently Viewed

As mentioned previously this is the simplest remarketing technique within your Shopify store.

Collections Page

Cross Sell

On Collections page, Cross Sell can give your customers a chance to look at other offerings from your store.

Recently Viewed

We are going to skip writing about this widget from now on. You can enable this on all the pages.

Cart Page

Frequently Bought Together

Cart page can be a great way to up-sell your products. Users can directly add products to their cart from this widget.

Recently Viewed

Sam as before!

Thank You / Order Confirmation Page

Cross Sell

Once the customer has placed his/her trust in your store, you can use this opportunity to place more content on the Thank You page. This can be a great way to sell other types of products that a customer might be interested in.

Trending Products

You can also use this an an opportunity to showcase top products from your store.

Top Discounts

This is very helpful in case you want to keep the customer engaged. Using this widget you can show products that have high discounts as well as high prices on your store.

These are some of the recommended widgets on your Shopify store. Which widget to enable on which pages is completely dependent on the goal that you have. Based on that you can add or remove a widget from the page.

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