Widget Placement is an important part of showing recommendations. It can drastically improve your store's conversions. In order to make it easier for merchants to change the widget location we support multiple options.

Each widget is placed at a unique location and can be updated separately. There are two ways of updating the location:

  1. Without Editing Liquid Template
  2. Editing Liquid Template

In this section I'll talk about configuring the location by placing a div in liquid template. By default all the widgets are placed without any liquid update.

Without Editing Liquid Template

You can go to your Dashboard and select the widget you want to reposition.

Now go to the Design and Location section and click on the "Update Widget Position" Button.

Now carefully select the section above or below which you want to place the widget and select corresponding button. (Watch the video below for better understanding).

And you're done!

Editing Liquid Template

Merchants who are comfortable with editing liquid should use this option to place the widget. If you want to add the widget on the product page, you can place the following code.


<div id="rk-personalized-recommendations"></div><br>
  1. You can go to Online Store -> Themes -> Actions -> Edit to edit the code. Depending on the page, you can select the file to edit.
  2. Once this is done, you can configure the `id` which you added in the code in the dashboard as shown in the figure. In the above example, the id is `rk-personalized-recommendations`.

Once both the above steps are done, the widget will be placed in the specified location.

In case you are facing any issues in updating your theme code, get in touch with us at [email protected]. We'll set your store up right away!

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