When a Shopper visits your Shopify Store, theme is the first thing that he or she notices. Hence it is important to create an amazing first impression. How your store looks can define the success or failure of your store. And to help you customize it Shopify provides a set of tools including creating a Preview URL so that you can share the Preview and get feedback even before the changes are made live to your store.

A preview link lets others explore your online store, but prevents them from accessing the checkout. After you create a preview link, it remains active for 14 days. You can create new links as often as you like, and creating a new link won't affect old preview links.

Following are the steps to generate the preview URL:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.

  2. For the theme that you want to share, click Actions, and select Preview.

  3. On the preview bar at the bottom of the page, click Share preview. A window containing a unique share link will open.

  4. Click Copy link to copy the link to your clipboard.

  5. Paste the link into emails, chats, or on social media to share.

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