Personalized Recommendations follows a simple pricing model where merchants are charged based on the number of times a widget is shown to the store visitor. This is also called as Widget Serve or Widget Impression.

For example, consider a scenario where a merchant has enabled 2 widgets on Product Pages. Following scenarios are possible:

1. If Product pages have total views of 100 and both the widgets were served all the time, then total widgets served = 100 + 100 = 200.

2. If Product pages have a total views of 100 and one widget was shown to the user 100 times and other widget was inly shown 50 times then total widgets served = 100 + 50 = 150

Hence Widget Serves is directly proportional to the page views and the number of widgets enabled on these pages.

Each plan comes with a base Widget Serve quota. In case you exceed that quota, you are charged depending on the plan. The plans are based on your Shopify Plan. In case you need more quota or want to upgrade to a higher plan, it is possible to do so from the dashboard itself.

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Following plans are available for the merchants and they are based on their Shopify Plan.

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